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Everything you wanna know about CUSTOM LIP SESSIONS

Thought I’d start this blog out with some gratitude. We’ve had many bookings and inquiries for Custom Sessions - thank you so much! Mixing customized colours is our bread and butter. These sessions are all about the EXPERIENCE. Yes, you can purchase a lipstick at the store, online, or from a local boutique, but where can you go to get one made to order? If you’ve heard us mention custom lip sessions on our Instagram stories and you want to learn more about this service, read on! 



A custom lip session is an appointment booked with me to mix a customized lip product from scratch. It’s all about creating you a signature lip COLOUR that you love. We start off with a light consultation and chat about the colour and type of product you want. Red matte lipstick, shimmery brown lip gloss, a perfect nude…the possibilities are seriously endless. Some people come with a colour in mind or show me a photo of one that they see on their favourite celeb.

‘But…Do I have to come prepared?’

No, if you don’t already know what colour you want, we’ll figure it out from scratch. Our dozen pre-set colours - aka ‘The Lineup’ collection currently available online - are all there to test out safely which is one benefit of booking a lip session. Not everyone’s idea of red, pink or nude mean the same thing so the testers act as a point of reference.

So, you test a few shades from the lineup and you narrow it down to a couple that you’re into. Maybe the colour is exactly what you’ve been looking for - perfect! This makes my job a breeze. But maybe it’s not quite the right shade and still needs fine tuning - no problem! From there, I mix custom prototypes working with your feedback and preferences to get to the shade you want. Testing and nailing down the colour is where most of our time is spent during the session. After that it’s just about choosing the details of the final product such as flavour, shimmer, and base/finish. You'll be mesmerized at watching your full size product come together! Start to end, sessions take about 45 minutes to one hour for one person. 




If you’re considering a custom session…

  • Have an open mind + be willing to step outside your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised at what you can pull off.
  • Custom sessions are a safe space. I wanted to create an experience especially for those who have felt intimidated to seek help from beauty counter staff, overwhelmed by too many colour options at the store, or too shy to test colours out. I got you!
  • We are all about testing before buying, so be prepared to test many colours during the session. And because you are applying and removing so many colours throughout the session, your lips may feel a little raw from the extra exfoliating (bonus: they’ll be smooth!), you’ll want to bring your go-to balm and come hydrated.


Custom sessions are why Lip Republic came into existence. We believe that a great lipstick unlocks the power that is YOU. We want everyone to channel that magic with their personalized lip colour.
One last thing, we just added a new booking option for a custom session for TWO guests. Book together and save $5 per person! This holiday season is perfect for quality time with with your mom, girlfriend, or coworker. Treat her to a special experience this Christmas! 



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