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Celebrating Filipino Heritage Month

June celebrates Filipino Heritage Month so we were excited to collaborate with a group of talented Filipinos from our community to showcase their passion and creativity. Our team features Micah, our makeup artist, two hair stylists Pauline and Chrissy, Alex and Rho as our models, and Jeff, our photographer. Coming together on this collaboration was meaningful as it served as a reminder that no matter where you come from, whatever your walk of life, there is beauty to be celebrated and talent to be showcased. Our models are wearing Lip Republic Summer Bright colours in Lush (Rho) and Vibe + Haze (Alex).

 Filipino models


Why is it important for the world to know about Filipinos?

If you take a look around, regardless of where you live in the world, it’s almost a guarantee that you will see at least one Filipino close by. Maybe they’re working at the nearest fast food chain, or maybe dressed in PPE heading to the hospital for a shift. Filipinos have a reputation for being hard workers and it’s no surprise that some would consider Filipinos to be the unofficial top export of the Philippines.

Here are some numbers: 

10 million Filipinos live abroad and more than 1 million leave the country each year [to work overseas]*. 

Filipinos and Filipino-Canadians are the 4th largest visible minority [group] after South Asian, Chinese, and black minorities in [Canada].  
The Philippines continues to be the top source of immigrants bringing 188,805 (or 15.58% of the total) new immigrants to the country, followed by India (147,190), China (129,020), and Iran (42,070).**


Many Filipino immigrants leave their homeland in pursuit of a better life for their families. Often, money is sent back home to support family members who stayed behind, or many ship 'balikbayan' (translation: Filipino returning to the Philippines after spending time abroad) boxes to their families back in the Philippines  filled with basic living goods such as non-perishable food, clothing, and household products.

Colours, sun and stars of the Philippines flag
 Our model Rho modelling their own custom handmade dress  
 featuring the colours and symbols of the Philippines flag. Three stars representing the three main groups of islands (Luzon, Visayan, and Mindanao), and the eight rays of the sun representing the eight provinces.


While many Filipinos work in the service and healthcare industries, there are also many others passionately growing their career in so many other industries too. During heritage month, we are acknowledging the success of Filipinos right here in our community so we’ve compiled a list of local Filipino businesses you can discover NGAYON NA (right now)!



Moose Jaw

  • Kabayan Sari-Sari Store


  • C Mart Enterprise


  • FILCAS: Filipino-Canadian Association of Saskatchewan Inc
  • PAS: Philippine Association of Saskatchewan

Plus SO many more!

Model Alex in traditional Filipino dress


Supporting small business keeps money right here in our community that even keeps the carbon footprint low. Ways to support businesses that don’t cost you a thing: 

  1. On Instagram, find new businesses in your area by searching for hashtags using your airport code, location, or interest (#yqrsmallbusiness, #saskmade #bipocmakers)
  2. Follow them on social media!
  3. Engage with our content - hit up the likes + saves + DMs
  4. Comment on a post - it’s called SOCIAL media, so let’s chat! And we’re not just talking emojis 👄💁🏻📸🌶💄. Doing this is so meaningful to us especially when it sparks a conversation and others jump in on it!
  5. Share their posts to your Instagram story. A personal favourite! 🙌🏽Make sure you tag us in it!


Sharing on our platform is an opportunity for all of US (yes, you!) to create a community who want to challenge beauty standards, who come to learn and who spread awareness to elevate other’s knowledge, who want to collaborate, who represent diverse voices, beauty, and love.

Get in touch with us to share your story.



*International Labour Organization

**Embassy of the Philippines (Based on the 2016 Census)



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