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Ginette's TIPS on Choosing the Right Colour

This month we are extremely honoured to have makeup artist Ginette Hall write a guest blog for our site. Ginette's career began at MAC Cosmetics where she gained advance makeup techniques while simultaneously attending the prestigious Blanche Macdonald Centre. Her areas of expertise include fashion, bridal, and television.

We tapped Ginette's shoulder to offer her expertise to help readers choose the right lipstick colours for this month's blog. She offers a ton of helpful information which we already know will be helpful to us when we mix custom colours for our own clients. Keep these tips in mind next time you shop for your next lipstick!

Ginette Hall headshotI am so excited to be featured on Lip Republic's blog this month on how to choose a proper lipstick for yourself! I often get asked, "What lip colour would you choose for me?Firstly, what color are you generally looking for? Neutral? Plum? Red? Peach? Even if you're not entirely sure, this allows me to understand what you are thinking of and gives me a great starting point. From there, I look at your complexion. Are you fair? Or have a mid or deeper skin tone? Are you warm or cool? Also, what is your personality? Casual, soft, feminine? Or bold, outspoken or loud? Finally, what type of occasion are you looking to wear it for?

Yes, there can be colours that are more complementing to your skin tone. But, a very common misconception of wearing lipstick is, there are only a few specific shades that will work for you. If you knew how many times I hear, "I don't think I can wear this color." You may be in utter disbelief, but you can! It is more-so your comfort level than the actual colour that impedes your ability to wear it! Try it out, wear it around, try some different makeup looks and get comfortable!

When looking for a neutral - A warmer tone is a bit more wearable. Look for a color that is similar to your lip color already.  A satin or cream texture feels more comfortable to wear and gives it a little bit more life. If the colour looks like the term often used, "dead", it is likely too light and is too matte.

When looking for a pink - Again a warmer tone is usually more flattering on all skin types.  Keep to a color that is similar to your lip color as well or go deeper or brighter in colour, not lighter.

When looking for a red - Warm wine colours or even deep berries are very easy to wear on all skin tones.  If you feel like the red is too powerful on the face, maybe look at something more sheer like a gloss.  If the red is too bright, orange, or even blue based, it can feel a bit clownish, which causes the discomfort of wearing a red.  So, stick to a deeper or very classic red for your first time!

When looking for a peach - Now peach can be a bit tricky!  For some people it can pull a bit of colour from the skin around the lip that can appear to look like the lipstick is bleeding off the lip. To avoid this from happening, choose a natural colour or neutral plum coloured lip liner to define the shape of the lip. Blend the line with a lip brush, then apply the desired peach lipstick. You may also feel the need to apply a bit of foundation to clean up the line around the lip.

Choosing a lipstick should ALWAYS be fun!  It should exude your personality which in turn will exude confidence. I love that Lip Republic has amped up this lipstick experience by allowing you to create your perfect colour from scratch.  Mixing up colours, adding in texture like shimmer, sparkle or shine and finally adding a signature scent!

Happy Lipstick Shopping!

Here's one of my favourite beauty quotes:
Look for a partner who will ruin your lipstick, not your mascara!

Ginette Hall Contact

Thank you so much Ginette!  Pictured above are our collaboration products Mimosa Dreams lipstick and Peach Babe lip gloss. Contact Ginette directly to purchase these exclusive colours. Learn more about Ginette's work on her website

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