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The 3 Lipstick Colours You Need in Your Makeup Set

It’s like Christmas in July for us over here at the Republic…but what are we celebrating? Well July 29th is none other than National Lipstick Day! A day just for lip lovers like you and I. Who wouldn't be excited to celebrate a holiday honouring such an essential beauty staple like lipstick?


Building a career helping others look and feel their best, I know the power of great lipstick. And that is what this celebration is all about - taking time to highlight one of the most powerful beauty tools in our arsenal - LIPSTICK!


Close up image of a hand holding a red lipstick


To kick off the celebration, we have pulled together our picks for the best lipsticks you need in your makeup kit right now.


The first on our list is not just one colour - it’s 3! We’re thrilled to release our newest SMACK BASICS lipstick set that includes shades inspired by our very own custom colour clients:

  • SNACK - a light-medium brown nude with just a touch of pink. If you have ever tried our best-selling colour COY, you will love this one too!
  • FLEX - our secret weapon that is proven to look amazing on all skin tones. Mahogany and taupe tones balanced between warm + cool. This is an easy everyday colour that you may want multiples of.
  • DRIP - If a brown-nude is your speed, look no further. Browns have certainly made a comeback recently, pulling all the inspo from the 90s with a 2022 twist.


Smack Basics | Newest Nude Lipstick Shades


Next on our lipstick must haves is a statement colour. A very common question: Does red lipstick look good on everyone? Our answer: YES. We are true believers in there being a red for everyone, even the most timid of lipstick wearers. Red channels baddie energy from within. It's empowering.

4 women wearing different shades of red lipstick


One of our favourite reds is MASTER - the one that might intimidate you at first, but once you master owning this red lip, you will feel an instant transformation - or should we say, domination -  that makes you look and feel like the powerhouse you are.

It should come as no surprise that last on our list has to be a CUSTOM COLOUR! The most requested colour during custom colour appointments is the "perfect nude" lipstick - what one would think is a simple concept but actually is very complex. We understand your struggles to find just the right shade, and that's exactly why we offer our custom services. With you in the driver's seat, each custom lipstick colour comes with a story. That's what makes it special.

Customized lipstick available in Regina, SK | Lip Republic


Ever wondered how makeup is made? Experience it yourself by booking in for your own custom session. We will take you through the process of mixing a customized lip colour that you test and we tweak. We'll make sure it’s the right shade of lipstick for you. What colour would you treat yourself to with our signature service?

At the end of the day, it really isn't about any specific colour. The one you absolutely need in your makeup set is the one that will give you that boost, that extra oompf, that elevated touch, that power from within. And we're totally here to make that happen for you - Let's Mix!

So here’s to you - the lipstick lovers, the makeup gurus, the everyday wearers, and everyone in between - we wish you a Happy National Lipstick Day! 

Celebrate with us!
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