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It’s our ONE year anniversary! (…or is it birthday 🤔

Edit: The promotion code listed at the end of this article is no longer valid. 

We are celebrating by posting our first blog ever AND offering you an exclusive discount code at the end of this blog. YAY!

First off, we need to thank our clients who have showed their support over this past year. We exist because we want women of every colour to channel that special power that comes with wearing a damn good lipstick. I just love the mood that lipstick gives me - it makes you feel like you can take over the world. We create lipstick and gloss for you who, like us, are lip-obsessed - yes, even in the masked world we’re living in right now. Again, THANK YOU so much for your support! 

Whew! We made it through one year. And what a year it has been. It’s not easy starting a business, let along doing it in during a pandemic where masks are a daily accessory, literally blocking the part of the face we create for - #MOUTHBLOCK! It’s been an uphill battle to say the least but I have to believe that we’ve lived through the worst and that it can only get better from here. I have faith there are still women out there who love getting dolled and dressed up just ‘cuz we just NEED the switch up from the makeup-free days and sweatpants. The way I see it, the pandemic has changed some of my beauty rituals which have made me become a lot more comfortable being makeup-free (bonus: less breakouts whoop!). But on the other hand, putting makeup on has now become more like a treat because I do it less. Layering on a #lipstickoftheday and dressing up in something other than my Monday sweats are small things I suppose I took for granted pre-COVID that now give me a sense of normalcy during this crazy time. 

Has the pandemic changed your beauty routine? We want to know! Thanks for reading our first blog EVER! Since we're new at this blogging thing, tell us what you want to read more about. Tutorials? How products are made? Guest makeup artist blogs? Fuel us with the content you want more of. And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our email list down at the bottom of the page so you get all the juicy stuff first!

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  • Congrats on one year! The pandemic has changed my beauty routine a little bit, but not too much… I’m still heavy on the lipstick but I go a bit lighter on my eyes now 😊 and now I just have lipstick-stained face masks 😅

    Raquel Vigueras

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