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The Road to Sustainability

We’d like to acknowledge that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of the located on Treaty 4 territory, the original lands of the Cree, Ojibwe, Saulteaux, Dakota, Nakota, Lakota, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation. We value our planet and this land. We built this business on values which guide our decision making and processes. Honouring the land which we occupy is part of our effort to acknowledge mistakes of the past and work toward a better world.


As a new business, we've learned that it's difficult to be everything you envisioned your business to be right out of the gate (...reality check: Rome WASN’T built in a day!) so we’ve learned that new ideas and processes definitely take time to integrate. For those who have been by our side since the beginning - THANK YOU for being part of the story and for the ongoing support for every piece of news we’ve had to offer you! 🙏🏽 

Today, we're excited to launch a meaningful initiative that we hope creates awareness and impact. 



This month we recognize Earth Day on April 22. We purchased Zero Waste boxes™ from TerraCycle ♻️ and are excited to let you know that Lip Republic now has a mail-in recycling program! The “average” woman owns 7 lipsticks. If all women aged 20-64 years old in Saskatchewan tossed those tubes into the landfill, that’s over 2.2 million tubes that will never break down because most packaging is made out of plastic. Cosmetics are such small items, but with large numbers they can certainly add up. It is our duty as a retail business to find and incorporate sustainable options and deliver those to our consumers.

Why we are committing to becoming a carbon-neutral company?
Many activities we do as a business (and life in general) creates a carbon footprint. Our inventory orders that we receive, delivery runs to our clients, and mailing shipments out all require fuel for transport, the electricity needed to melt ingredients, not to mention the large scale facilities that manufacture our ingredients and packaging - they ALL cumulatively create greenhouse gas emissions. There is change happening though as more businesses are committing to carbon-neutrality whether it’s by sourcing sustainable packaging (next on the list for us!), investing in electric vehicles, or offering carbon-offsetting programs.



Goods produced locally have less travel to make aka less fuel consumption + air pollution compared to big stores that use trucks and planes to haul products in. Locally grown produce is commonly organic + pesticide free which means cleaner crops and cleaner air. Large retailers see unsold items go bad which ends up being waste.

As a business that creates handmade products, supporting small simply means less emissions compared to large scale factories producing items in mass quantities.

We acknowledge we aren’t 100% carbon-neutral YET, but just like everything else, you gotta start somewhere. Now is the time to take action on climate change. So, what are you doing to help?


TerraCycle Zero Waste box beauty products and packaging


Mail in your Lip Republic lipstick or gloss tubes (collaboration lines included) and we’ll recycle them for you. You will then receive a discount on your next purchase.

STEP 1: Write your NAME + EMAIL on a piece of paper and include it in your parcel.

STEP 2: Mail your Lip Republic lipstick or gloss tubes (full or empty, we won’t judge!) to:

Lip Republic
206 - 2100 Dewdney Ave
Regina, SK   S4R 1H2

STEP 3: Watch your inbox for a discount code!

To show our appreciation for helping reduce our carbon footprint, you receive a discount off your next purchase for each parcel you mail in.

We aren't stopping there. In addition to product packaging recycling, we bought an additional box to recycle our business' personal protective equipment (PPE) we use during production. *Please note this box is not intended for the public to mail in their used PPE.

TerraCycle Zero Waste box PPE

We are students of life over here at Lip Republic and still have a lot more learning to do to become a net-zero company. We do hope this sparks something in you to do your part for our planet too! It will take an army to make a difference so we will share what we know and hope you will join us! ✌️


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