Being ok with being (NOT) perfect


Edit: I fully intended this blog post to be an informative post on our Custom Lip Sessions but as it turned out, I wanted to write more about the experience of our partnership with Chelsea. So keep posted for the next blog which will cover frequently asked questions about Custom Lip Sessions! xo

Last week, we launched our newest partnership with our girl, Chelsea aka @xocadebabe on Instagram and her lipstick and gloss duo perfectly called '(not) Perfect Pink'. About a month ago, Chelsea and I sat down to mix this nostalgic pink lipstick replicating a colour that she loved growing up. What I personally loved most about creating this everyday lip colour together was the depth of our conversation crossing many topics from business and family to self-awareness and boobs - maybe even in that order lol! I don't think either of us knew what this girl-crush-turned-allyship would evolve into. And maybe it hasn't even fully bloomed yet, but that's the essence of collaboration and why working with people like Chelsea is part of Lip Republic's foundation. I especially loved how organically each step in the journey - from the mix session, to releasing this lip set, and up to now writing this blog, has all come together. 

Most importantly, how our partnership has created an opportunity to give back to our community. This is the kinda goodness that gives me life!  A portion of the profits made from this duo will be donated to I Am H.E.R. which helps Regina youth to be Hopeful, Equipped, and Resilient through workshops and mentorship. It was easy for me to get behind supporting a non-profit organization that uplifts and inspires young women, equipping them with tools for a healthy mindset, self-image, and lifestyle. 

women gathered together

I asked Chelsea about the selection of the name '(not) Perfect Pink', here’s what she said:

“I read a book called Brave, Not Perfect by Reshma Saujani and it influenced me to start my blog. It helped me to realize that the wall that was holding me back was deep ingrained [perfectionist] learning that females grow up with in society. To break that wall, you have to learn to not be perfect - but to be brave.”

Here’s a link to Chelsea's personal BLOG - check it out! 


A powerful and important message is behind Chelsea's custom colour isn't it? I think it's a really good reminder for us that we need to keep challenging ourselves and others around us to question and eventually break outdated mentalities, habits, and expectations that hold us back instead of raising us up, especially with young women. The more we are OK with not being perfect and shift perspectives to look at our differences as unique qualities instead of shortcomings, the happier we will be.

2020 has been a year awakening and redefining "norms". We'd love to hear from you - post a comment below and tell us what you are working on redefining for yourself. 

Stay tuned for our next blog that cover what goes down during a custom lip session with us. Coming at you next week!

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  • This was the sweetest blog post, I can’t believe I didn’t leave a message! I felt the exact same working with you on this project – this will not be the last of this duo! Also, this really is my fave colour and I’ve been wearing it almost daily – when I remember what jacket pocket I last had it…

    - xo Chelsea Lee


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