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Partner Information

Thinking of partnering with us?
Here is everything you need to know about how to mix with us and the important stuff after you receive your order! Get in touch if you have absolutely any questions along the way, we are here to help you provide quality products for your business.


We put care into making every product as they are each made to order.
Please educate your customers to:
            • Avoid twisting lipstick out more than a 1/2 inch during application
            • Break in new lipsticks by applying very gently from the tip, and not from the side
            • Avoid leaving it in hot + humid places
You will find a link to product care info in the Quick Links section at the bottom of our homepage.


  • What price should I sell my products for? 
    • Please refer to the Manufacturer Retail Sales Prices (MSRP) indicated on your Pricing List. We recommend selling at the same prices as our online store which is $31 for lipstick or $29 for gloss.
    • If you collaborated with us on a customized collection, we recommend selling at premium prices: $35 or $31, respectively.
    • We discourage selling for any less than these prices, however you are free to price it as high as you like. Ultimately, if you want to maximize your margins and if can get your clientele to buy at a higher price, go for it!
  • How can I re-order?
    • Click this link to direct you to our online wholesaler order form! You can also email us directly at
  • I'd love to develop my own collection of lip colours. How can I do this? 
    • Get in touch below and indicate you'd like to collaborate on a customized collection. We'll email you back with details shortly!
  • Do you sell full size testers? I don't want to dip into my inventory.
    • Yes! You can purchase full size testers for $12/unit for either gloss or lipstick. They will be included in your order unsealed which also makes it better for photos. Maximum one tube per colour + product type.
  • What is the shelf life?
    • We recommend replacing Lip Republic products every 12 months. Our full size lipstick and glosses also include '12M' on the ingredient labels.

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