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Recycle With Us

The “average” woman owns 7 lipsticks. If all women aged 20-64 years old in Saskatchewan tossed those tubes into the landfill, that’s over 2.2 million tubes that will never break down because most packaging is made out of plastic. Over time, this can certainly add up. It is our duty as a retail business to find and incorporate sustainable options and deliver those to our customers.


How to Recycle with Lip Republic

Mail in your Lip Republic lipstick or gloss tubes, including any collaboration lines and SMACK PACKs and we’ll happily recycle them for you. As our thanks for helping reduce our carbon footprint, you receive a discount on your next purchase!

STEP 1: Write your NAME + EMAIL on a piece of paper and toss it into a parcel with your Lip Republic tubes (full or empty, we won’t judge!).
STEP 2: Mail your parcel to:
Lip Republic Recycling
3500 13th Ave, #104
Regina, SK   S4T 1P9
STEP 3: Watch your inbox for a discount code!

 TerraCycle Zero Waste Box

Discount offered for each parcel mailed in. Terms & Conditions apply.